St. Paul's Lutheran Church was founded in 1865 when a group of German Lutherans in the township of Franklin, decided that they wanted to worship their Savior, Jesus Christ, together. Their purpose was also to share God's free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. That continues to be our purpose until this present day.

Through the years, St. Paul's has continued to grow through God's blessings building a new church building, school, early child enrichment center, and mission opportunities. Today St. Paul's Church is not only a historical landmark of the city of Franklin, but it also continues to serve the communities of Franklin, Oak Creek, Greenfield, Greendale and surrounding areas with the salvation promise of Jesus Christ.

St. Paul's
Evangelical Lutheran Church

6881 S. 51st Street
Franklin, WI 53132
p: 414.421.1178
f: 414.429.4299