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Register Here for Your
Designer's Touch Wedding Album

A wedding album is one of the most thoughtful gifts your guests can give you. Why not ask them to give you the wedding album you REALLY want! ... A professionally designed, digitally-collaged wedding album.

See SAMPLES of Designer's Touch Wedding Albums HERE and discover the difference you'll receive having your wedding album designed by a professional graphic designer who works with you one-on-one to create it for you. Designer's Touch Wedding Albums are made of the highest quality materials, with custom fresh designs and your personal "extras" sprinkled throughout like special quotes, backgrounds and scanned-in wedding sentiments like jewelry, invitations, favors, etc. Whatever you dream up, it can be created for you - simple or complex.

Guests can purchase your entire album for you or contribute any dollar amount to whichever album you select. It works similar to a shopping gift registry or honeymoon travel registry. Questions before getting started? Contact Kristal at or 414-325-6976.

Here's How it works...

  1. Contact Kristal at or 414-325-6976 to get started selecting the Designer's Touch Wedding Album you're hoping to receive.

  2. You will receive your own Designer's Touch Wedding Album web page that you can share with all your guests to go visit. Text, tweet, post facebook links, links on your wedding site, or however you want to spread the word you've registered for an album for your wedding gift.

  3. Guests will see the album you've selected, how much people have given and how much more is needed. Then they can contribute their personal gift amount to your Designer's Touch Wedding Album.

  4. After your wedding you will receive the total amount that was gifted for your wedding album as well as a break down of which guests gave what amounts so you can send out thank you cards right away.

  5. Then we begin the process creating your custom Wedding Album and you can receive your Designer's Touch Wedding Album in as little as 2-3 weeks!

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