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Kristal Young Be a Princess to Your Clients.

Kristal Clear Graphics is back in full swing, after a quick one-month maternity leave. So now as a mom of a three year old and a 3 month old, I have a fun variety of topics I talk about during my day from branding and design details to Barney and Bottles. But when I was stumped in trying to come up with a topic for this newsletter, I asked my three year old daughter, "What should I talk about in my business newsletter?" She replied with an obvious answer … "princesses!"

I don't know how she became obsessed with princesses as my husband and I tried our hardest to DIScourage the princess phenomenon, but it still came. So I thought to myself, "Ok, Kristal, you've got a creative mind for your design projects, why not put a creative spin on princesses for your newsletter. So here's how it turned out:

Remember the last time you were in line at the grocery store looking at the tabloids and you saw that regular article about the celebrity that looked less than perfect. Maybe they gained a lot of weight, were caught by the photographer without their makeup and dressed in sweats, or just looked intoxicated. Whatever the mishap, it's our human nature to think what we're seeing on the celebrity is undesirable.

The next step of the process is to decide what to believe about the celebrity. Was their image taken out of context and you give them the benefit of the doubt or do you develop negative feelings from that image that make you dislike them and possibly even boycott their music/movie/TV show/etc. So the moral of the story is it's in the celebrity's best interest to always look like a princess (or a prince)!

How does this pertain to your business? Well, a celeb's face, personality, actions, etc are the brand and image they create for themselves. It's a little different from your business's brochures and web site, but both market to their audiences with these tools. Just as a celebrity could lose popularity and eventually money based on bad decisions they make with their image, businesses who don't put a "pretty princess" face on won't thrive amongst their competition either.

For instance, imagine you're a customer looking for a tailor to make alterations for that special "princess/prince" attire you need for a wedding. An acquaintance gives you a business card of someone from their networking group. The paper is flimsy with a random clip art image of a dress and suit on it. It has their company name in text but no logo and you can tell the owner printed it off their computer. It doesn't feel like a very professional establishment, but you go look at their web site anyway. It's quite obvious they made it themselves as well. It's very plain, hard to navigate, and little sense of design organization. Not completely comfortable with trusting your formal attire to this place you google other area shops. It's no surprise you didn't find the first shop in your google search, but you do find one nearby who's web site gives you a much better feeling. Their logo and design style is prominent, professional looking, plus it's consistent throughout the pages of the site as you discover it's quite easy to navigate. Your last discovery is that both shops quote you at the same price. Which company do you feel more comfortable going with? Obviously the one who's first impression was a professional one you could trust.

Now there's no reason both companies couldn't perform upright, quality service, but there is a reason they had to come up with the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover." It's because it's human nature to do just that, and in this day and age when people's attention span is so fast your business can't afford to not look its best. Instead, you always need to make your business look like a princess.

If you'd like more information about how you can give your business an attractive cover that will make your clients pick up your book from among your competition, contact me today and let Kristal Clear Graphics turn your business into a princess.

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Client of the the Quarter: Absolute AdvertisingAbsolute Advertising

I've worked in sales for 15+ years and worked with numerous graphic artists. Kristal has been a breath of fresh air! She is always positive and optimistic regardless of how challenging the project and/or number of revisions that might be required by difficult clients. 90% of the graphic artists I've worked with express their frustrations to me with difficult projects and Kristal has always been extremely professional and driven to complete projects. She helps MY business succeed and win projects by maintaining an optimistic and winning attitude. That is everything in my business since the design can dictate if a client will move forward with a project if they're satisfied with the design! Kristal even designed a template/form to ensure she is clear with what the client is looking for regarding design. It might be a bit more time consuming at the onset but in the end SAVES time and money to meet deadlines! Absolute Advertising specializes in any banners/signs/trade show displays including billboards and outdoor media. Kristal I included my logo just in case you need that?? Thank you thank you!

Ellen Hueffner, Owner of Absolute Advertising

If you're interested in spotlighting your business here, whether you have a design we worked on in mind or not, contact Contact Kristal and we'll work through the details.


FREE Graphic Design Appraisal

People have told me that sometimes, they don't know if they need help with their graphic design and their marketing pieces ... or maybe they know they need help, but aren't sure where to be begin. It was for this reason I've started my FREE Graphic Design Appraisal. I will happily take a look at your piece and give you some constructive feed back. Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with the client's design, and I'll tell them that.


Important KCG Reminders

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Photo Tips

Each quarterly newsletter I like to share new photography tips with you to help give you a jump start on creating amazing photos for Designer's Touch Collages.

3. If you edit your digital photos think of not saving over the original. For instance, if you zoom and crop a picture you lose image information of the discarded area, which is fine until you need to print the zoomed -in cropped area at the old larger size. The new print will be less clear and more pixilated because the computer is stretching the smaller, cropped image to the larger size, but with the original picture saved, you can still print a perfectly clear picture.

4. Make the subject of your photo more prominent by reducing distracting background or clutter. Try taking the photo from an angle to help minimize distractions and make your subject pop. Close-ups are dramatic solutions too.

If you'd like to see the other tips, contact me at kristal@kristalcleargraphics.com and type "photo tips" in the subject line


Kristal Clear Dance Steps
Make Your Wedding Dance Ignite the Night!

The newlyweds take the floor for their first dance together. A sweet, love song plays as they sway back and forth to the usual slow dance ... SCRATCH! ... A confused look of horror jumps to their faces as the music switches to a wild rock song ... but then, they smile and break out a surprise dance routine!

Kristal Clear Dance Steps Client

Kristal Clear Graphics is now looking for couples planning their wedding in 2010 who want to have a blast kicking off their wedding reception giving their guests a night they'll remember and rave about for years to come. Contact Kristal and/or visit my website for more details NOW!

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