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Kristal YoungA Graphic Design Photo Game:

A lot of my newsletter articles are geared toward the business professional and using graphic design to bring greater success to their business. While that's the case for a large section of my clients, we can't forget there are ways to enjoy artistic graphic design when we're not on the business clock as well. For anyone who wants to enjoy their photos on a new level, I'm relaunching my Designer's Touch Collection, and we're going to play a game to celebrate. YES THERE IS A PRIZE, but you have to read on to the end to find out what it is.

You're probably aware of my Designer's Touch Wedding Albums, which have always been, and still are the center piece of my Designer's Touch Collection. Visit the latest by clicking here. In fact, if you've seen my Facebook page you might know about the wedding show I'll be at on Oct 9 at Bristol Oaks Golf Course. (If you didn't, you can like me at www.facebook.com/kristalcleargraphicsllc) However, it's time for some less familiar products of The Collection to get the spot light as well including, Save-the-Date and Thank You Cards or Post Cards, Wedding Logos and surprisingly affordable Photo Editing Services … and so begins our game.

Did you know photo editing has been getting more and more popular to my clients in the last years. Wedding couples, high school seniors, family portraits all are requesting simple retouches to complex photo manipulation of switching heads and adding people. My client of the quarter, Sarah Stevens, from I do photography brings me some of the best photos to work on. They always seem to be a unique challenge. Then there are individual clients, too, who bring me old photos to restore. The best part is because of my billing method, my clients often spend considerably less on photo editing services, than they would at another photo lab. One of my clients saved over $300! So if you have an important photo that is less than perfect, it never hurts to ask the cost. You'll probably first be surprised at how little it costs to fix it and secondly, at how seamless the correction is. Now's your chance to test it.

This photo of a bride and groom had some work done to it. If you make a guess and tell me what I did to the photo to correct it, I will send you the before photo so you can see for yourself. If you guess correctly, you will also receive FREE PHOTO EDITING SERVICE FOR ONE PHOTOGRAPH! (Up to a $25 value)

So please give it a shot, what have you got to lose. Also if you know of any one getting married I'd appreciate it if you passed this along to them as well. Help them discover some truly unique products from a Designer's Collection, please contact me for more information or have them stop by this FREE WEDDING SHOW!

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Client of the the Quarter: I Do PhotographyI Do Photography

"Kristal is amazing at retouching and manipulating photos! I often have photos that need and extra person removed form the background, or people added to a photo, or heads "switched" and eyes opened. The most impressive job I think I've received back from her was one where the mother in a family portrait wanted 2 people in the photo switched with another photo because they looked a little awkward. The outcome was amazing and she ordered a 30x40" canvas print and you can't even tell any work was done! Everyone was amazed. :)
I highly recommend Kristal for her photo manipulation and design work

Sarah Stevens, Owner of I Do Photography

If you're interested in spotlighting your business here, whether you have a design we worked on in mind or not, contact Contact Kristal and we'll work through the details.


FREE Parent's Album and MORE Discounts

This new offer is debuting at the 2nd Elegant Essentials FREE WEDDING SHOW! this October 9th. So if you're getting married, come check out the show. Every album that is booked that Sunday will receive a FREE Parent's Album. If you can't make it, but place an order anytime before your wedding date, you can still receive some major discounts:

• Order your album before your wedding date with a 50% deposit and SAVE up to $300!
• Receive 40% off other products like Save the Dates, Wedding Logo Design, Thank You Post Cards & all photo editing services!
• Refer a friend who purchases an album and get ANOTHER FREE Parents Album!


Important KCG Reminders

If you missed a previous quarterly newsletter and want to catch up, you can always find it online or contact me for a personal copy.

Not much new with you? Maybe you know someone who has something special going on and a Designer's Touch Photo Gift would be a perfect way to celebrate? Kristal Clear Graphics always appreciates you passing along a recommendation to your family and friends. As an added thank you, you'll receive a discount off your next project when you do have something to celebrate, yourself.


Photo Tips

Each quarterly newsletter I like to share new photography tips with you to help give you a jump start on creating amazing photos for Designer's Touch Collages.

5. Watch out for shadows covering faces. Avoid strong light coming from directly behind or above the subject. If re-positioning doesn’t help, use a flash to help lessen the shadow.

6. If time allows, take several pictures when people are posed to help with problems of blinking, moving, and looking away. If none are perfect, I can always Photoshop the best parts together, but this technique gives you a better chance to begin with.

If you'd like to see the other tips, contact me at kristal@kristalcleargraphics.com and type "photo tips" in the subject line



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