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  • Logo for MKELive


    MKELive was launched to encompass a client's successful mass networking talents and a strong logo was needed to illustrate the mission behind the company.

  • Logo & Labels for Aloekui Natural Handmade Soaps & Lotions


    This client knew she needed the right image to see her soap in retail stores. We created a logo and labels that combined her aloe and kui nuts with her style.

    Aloekui Natural Handmade Soaps & Lotions
  • Logo & Business Card for Triune Training Systems


    This business had many elements to it and we needed a clever and symbolic logo to illustrate these concepts. It became a tool in explaining his business to new prospects.

    Triune Training Systems
  • Logo for RiverHouse Pub & Grill


    The small town restaurant situated along a river wanted an logo to give the right image to it's customers ... delicious food, with great atmosphere.

    RiverHouse Pub & Grill logo
  • Logo for True Image Photography


    A photographer viewed his work as an artform and his eye, not necessarily the camera was his most important tool in capturing the emotions of his customers. It was my goal to bring that philosophy into the center of his brand through his logo.

    True Image Photography logo
  • Logo & Business Card for ProRelease


    This client liked the idea of using a bullseye in his logo, so to strengthen the brand consistency, I incorporated it into the business card as well.

    Pro Release business card & logo
  • Logo for PC Guard Dogs


    The client had a guard dog concept for his company name and so we subtly wanted to bring that into the visual as well - simple, but to the point.

    PC Guard Dogs logo
  • Business Card for Marketing Consultant Jerry Arndt


    This man knows his marketing and decided he needed a stylistic sun to send the right image to his clients. It was my job to find his vision. Mission accomplished!

    Jerry Arndt, Marketing Consultant business card
  • Logo & Business Card for Fenske Photography


    Wanting a simple look to start establishing an identity for her photography, we were able to easily build upon it for the business card by making it a store sign.

    Fenske Photography
  • Business Card for ABC for Moms


    In a medical environment, this client needed to look credible and appeal to a new-mother audience at the same time.

    ABC for Moms
  • Logo for Taking Da City Outside


    This client brought their own concept to the table and just needed it brought to life. Kristal Clear Graphics can design a logo no matter where you are in the process.

    Logo for Taking da City Outsie

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