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Photo Editing

  • Add/Remove People and Swap Bodies


    Client didn’t get a photo taken of her son, the groom, and her daughter, the bridesmaid. So two separate photos were used to create a new photo.

    Body Swap
  • Remove Harsh Shadows


    Harsh dark shadows on faces needed to be lightened and removed as best as possible on ten photos. Saved the client over $200 because there were multiple photos to be fixed.

    Remove Harsh Shadows
  • Spot Color


    Spot Color can be done in black and white or sepia bases with one or more selective colors.

    Spot color
  • Restore Damaged Photos


    Removed wrinkle and touched up scratches

    Restore Damaged Photos
  • Portrait Improvement-Eyes


    Bridesmaid's eyes were opened and Dog eyes were corrected fromthe blown out flash

    Portrait Improvement-Eyes
  • Portrait Improvement-Glasses


    Removed glare from groom’s glasses in 12 photos and save the client over $300 or 80%. In the second photo the lenses were lightened.

    Portrait Improvement-Glasses
  • Remove Stray Hairs & Face Shine


    Remove stray hairs and face shine

    Remove Stray Hairs & Face Shine
  • Fix Skin Blemishes


    Remove acne and face shine

    Fix Skin Blemishes
  • Improve Weight and Body


    Client’s calf was lying funny and wanted it reduced in size.

    Improve Weight and Body
  • Improve Teeth and Body


    Client’s chin was given a tuck and lift. In the second photo the braces were removed and teeth whitened

    Improve Teeth and Body
  • Apparel Mishaps


    Client's bra was showing in the original picture and needed to be fixed.

    Apparel Mishaps

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