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Below are some general album styles as well as full complete Designer's Touch Wedding Albums for past clients.

More sample albums are available upon request. If you would like to see other complete albums or have questions please Contact Kristal Clear Graphics.

Designer's Touch Wedding Albums
  • Wedding Album Design Styles:


    This special effect layout with grass borders on photos and panoramic spread uses a "scrapbook studio" style with the bride's scanned hair piece and a color tone image.

  • Wedding Album Design Styles:


    This straight, crisp, edged photo layout with semi-transparent borderes uses a special effect with a color tone and "pop-out photo" of the bride in a panoramic spread.

  • Wedding Album Design Styles:


    This layout uses crisp edged photos with a scrolling border overlay, panoramic spread and a "classic times" black and white background photo of champagne popping.

  • Wedding Album Design Styles:


    This layout combines a soft edge, blended photo with crisp arch photo borders. It also uses a special passage from the couple overlayed on the large right page photo.

  • Wedding Album Design Styles:


    Inside a layout of curved, crisp edges, this couple wanted the "scrapbook studio" style throughout their album like the flowers, cake topper and favor on this page.

  • Wedding Album Design Styles:


    Soft edges and blended photos spread across this panoramic layout giving it a warm, flowing feel.



Full Album Samples

Thank you Brittany & Keith for allowing me to design your Designer's Touch wedding album! What a beautiful wedding you had! It was truly a unique wedding album with your touches of winter snowflake decorations and jewelry throughout. Wishing you a happy married life of many years to come! If you have problems viewing, click here.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


It was such a joy working with Brian and Annemarie on their wedding album. While they shared they had a few hiccups of things that went wrong during their special day, the photos and smiles on their faces, I would have never guessed. Annemarie gave me belt she wore on her wedding dress that day as well as the music she sang during their unity candle lighting. These both made beautiful design elements that were truly unique and personal. Thank you both for the privilege to create your Designer's Touch Wedding Album for you. If you have problems viewing, click here.



Very beautiful work! ... We thought, overall, that the layouts were exactly the way we envisioned.

~Annemarrie W.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My best friend's Wedding! Thank you both for the honor of creating your Designer's Touch Wedding Album. Your simple clean style from your smallest wedding detail to your wedding album itself was pure elegance! Thank you for letting me be a part of it all! Congratulations and Happy Upcoming First Anniversary! If you have problems viewing, click here.

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