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  • Published Menu Redesign in Layers Magazine


    Giovanni’s menu needed a redesign and Kristal Clear Graphics' submission was published along with the thoughts and reasoning behind the design.

    Published Menu Redesign in Layers Magazine
  • Book Cover Design


    Client had a rough concept for a design and Kristal Clear Graphics was able to transfer the idea onto paper.

    Book Cover Design
  • Wine Labels


    The client first requested a wine label design that would go on all red and white wines. He liked how these labels turned out and so, returned for his fruit wine lables. Each of the series was coordinating, but unique at the same time.

    Wine Labels
  • Fund Raiser Dinner Invitation


    The client thought a fresh, more professional design would improve fund raising efforts, and they were right. They raised a significant amount more than the previous year and the second best in all the years that they had been holding this fundraising dinner during one of the worst recession years yet.

    Fund Raiser Dinner Invitation
  • Music CD Label


    Client had a rough idea for a concept which Kristal Clear Graphics took to completion in the cd jacket and label to give the artist the professional look he needed.

    Music CD Label
  • Soccer Tournament Medal and Food Label


    Sometimes the client knows exactly what they want and just needs the technical expertise to make it a reality as in the tournament medal. Other times, like with Linda's Healthy Food Label, they have little to no idea what they want and Kristal Clear Graphics can lead them through the entire process.

    Soccer Tournament Medal and Food Label

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