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Album Styles

During the design consultation I help you decifer the style you like for the album. You can choose any combination of as many styles as you'd like for me to design your album. Put as much or as little input into your album as you'd like, but the best part is it's your decision how involved you want to be.

So What's Your Design Style Look Like?

Contemporary Montage
This overall album layout look can have straight lines or curves, soft fades or hard edges, special effects, border styles and infinite other possibilites.

Panoramic View
This style will have photos spanning both the left and right page giving your album a rich look that truly draws in the viewer.

Traditional Album
These simple layouts with definite borders that resemble matted album pages or picture frames
are good for family portrait pictures.

Classic Times
This style is a sophisticated look that holds a strong emphasis on images in black and white, sepia tones and color tone (only small focal point of the photo is left in color).

Scrapbook Studio
Bring sentimental objects of your wedding day to the design consultation like this heirloom hanky and hairpiece to scan in and be incorporated into the design. This gives an extra personal touch to your album.

Aristic Palette
This style is a truly creative art form giving photo borders and backgrounds an artistic effect with techniques of water color, pointilism, brush strokes, colored pencil and more.


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