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Designer's Touch CollectionThe Designer's Touch Collection

As a graphic designer who has always cherished my memories through photographs, I began the Designer's Touch Collection ... a product line of published photo albums and other keep sakes custom designed for each client. Unlike the common online photo book site where you're locked into their templates and have to arrange it completely by yourself, the Designer's Touch Collection is always designed by your professional, personal graphic designer at Kristal Clear Graphics. Clients contribute as much or as little input as they'd like and receive a truly unique artwork of their memories in the end.

professional graphic designerThe most popular in the collection is the Designer's Touch Wedding Album created weeks to many years after the wedding day. However, albums have been created for many special occasions including anniversaries, baby albums, family vacations, graduations, religious events, business portfolios, and just everyday family albums.

The Designer's Touch Collection also goes beyond albums. Whether you have a shorter time span, fewer photos or a smaller budget to work with, photo gifts make beautiful art keep sakes for any occasion, especially Christmas and Birthday Gifts. Just like the Designer's Touch Albums, the photo gifts are designed by a professional graphic designer and will have their own unique artistic look you can't find on an online do-it-yourself store.

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