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What Kristal Clear Graphics is all about ...

To sum it up, I'm your professional, on-call graphic artist, Kristal Young. Whether you have a one time graphic design project or need services on a regular basis, think of me as a personal member of your team.

So who is this graphic artist, Kristal Young?

I began my career in the Milwaukee corporate world of direct mail in 2003. Three years later I shifted gears, and today I own this graphic design business, Kristal Clear Graphics LLC. While I've gained much knowledge and experience and expanded my portfolio of great client projects along the way, some things never change. Top quality design and outstanding customer service have always been and always will be my most important company values.

Kristal Clear Graphics offers creative services for print, web and beyond. I enjoy helping small and medium sized companies build their professional image through my graphic design services. Having a consistent branded image throughout their company enables them to grow their business, gain more professional credibility and increase their profits.


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Who needs graphic design help?

I enjoy working with all varieties of businesses as you can see when you look throughout my gallery. However, I have a close, unique connection with photographers as well as non-business owners. Two of my specialties that are not so common include photo editing (retrouching and manipulation of the photo) and my "Designer's Touch Collection" (Custom designed digital collage albums for weddings, special occasions, announcements and more!)

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Kristal Young

Why Use a Professional
for My Graphic Art? Isn't doing it myself more affordable?

With Do-It-Yourself options everywhere today, this is a common misconception when it comes to graphic design.

First, Kristal Clear Graphics is not an advertising agency so you might be surprised how affordable it can be to have a personal graphic designer on your team without the added personnel. Additionally, it is my standard practice to complete projects within and under client budgets of all sizes.

When you're launching a new business or web site, for example, it's tempting to use clip art, your computer and internal staff to be your own advertising agency to minimize the budget. However, in the long run, doing this ends up costing more money and headaches than hiring a professional graphic artist from the beginning. How so? Below are just the top two reasons:

1. Since your time is your money, think how much you'd have to pay yourself or staff to do your graphic design in comparison to a professional. Kristal Clear Graphics has quick, fast turn around on projects so you can keep your deadlines as well as complete the project in a fraction of the time as someone with little to no experience.

2. When your graphic design doesn't look professional, your clients notice, which makes you lose credibility as a professional company and eventually this can hurt profits. Your personal designer at Kristal Clear Graphics not only has been formally and thoroughly educated in art, web design, business and communication, but only uses professional, industry standard computer programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Flash. You can be confident your design will look and function professionally at every level.


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